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From time immemorial, India has been considered to be a land with rich cultural heritage. Centuries after centuries, this country has seen rulers like Rajputs, Moughals, English, Portuguese. Besides, various religions also flourished at different times in this country like Buddhism, Jainism etc. All these factors have played their role in making an impact on the culture of this country. One can find the traces of different cultures in Music, dance, architecture, festivities, languages spoken, traditional beliefs and customs, food and many more like these. It is the development in these aspects of life that makes the heritage of India one of the most vibrant and most exhaustive.

We believe in the continuity and dynamism of Indian cultural heritage and it is our endeavor to help people from world over get acquainted with same. And there can not be a better way to understand this than to experience it. Travel to India with our cultural tour packages and understand why this heritage has withstood thousands of years and still going strong.

Classical music of India has its roots beliefs of the people and an amalgamation with other systems has not erased this source. Careful intonation has always been at the core of Indian classical music. The chanting of sacred words and phrases like Om required total precision because these chants were part of what it took to maintain the order of the universe.

India offers a number of classical dance forms, each of which can be traced to different parts of the country and representing the culture of a certain region or a group of people. The beginning of the contemporary styles of classical dances can be traced to the period 1300-1400 A.D.

The dance forms range from temple dances like Bharatnatyam, oddissi and mohiniyattam, to kathakali, symbolizing the victory of truth over falsehood. Kathak and Kuchipudi are means to recite religious and mythological tales to the accompaniment music, mime and dance. Manipuri, and Dandiya Raas represents the celebration of Radha-Krishna's togetherness.

Art and Crafts
The talent of the Indian artisans' is till date visible in the age-old monuments / constructions. The sculptures boast of their creativity and hard work. The numerous sculptures on temple walls are all hewn out of hard rock & last to date. Rock-cut architecture was perfected by the Buddhists, and was followed by several Hindu rulers. In Southern India Pallavas excelled in this art form.

The sculptures or idols in temples are made of granite & the Utsava murthis are made of bronze & panchaloha. Apart from these, there are the huge Iyyanar statues & horses exist in South Indian villages.

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