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Churches of Goa

The churches in Goa largely reflect European architectural styles. Majority of the churches in Goa were built during the Portuguese regime. But even today, these churches stand tall with plenty of historical importance. They have always been architecture of immense interest for visitors whether Indian or foreigners.

Church Of St. Francis Of Assisi, Old Goa
Church of St.Francis of Assisi situated in Old Goa is a 17th century pieces of religious art. A beautiful octagonal tabernacle richly decorated in an ornate style has two statues, one of St. Francis of Assisi and the other of Jesus on the Cross. Vows of poverty, humility and obedience of St. Francis of Assisi's are inscripted right below these two statues.

Chapel Of St. Catherine, Old Goa
Chapel Of St.Catherine situated in Old Goa is dedicated to St. Catherine. It stands as a living monument of the conquest of Goa by Alburquerque. At one enters the chapel you will see a statue of Our Lady. There is also a beautiful altar dedicated to St. Catherine upon which stands another statue of Our Lady Of Peity.

Basilica Of BomJesus, Old Goa
Basilica Of BomJesus, is situated in Old Goa. Bom Jesus means Infant Jesus or Good Jesus. Inside the Basilica, you will see a beautiful display of architectural pieces in wood, stone, gold and granite. Immediately to the right is the altar of St. Anthony and to the left is a wooden statue of St. Francis Xavier.

St. Cajetan Church, Old Goa
St.Cajetan Church situated in Old Goa. Equally amazing is the high vault on which are inscribed the words of Christ "My House Is A House Of The Words Of Christ".
The church has alters to dedicated to the Holy Family, Our Lady Of Piety and St.Clare and to the right are the altars dedicated to St. Agnes, St. Cajetan and St. John.

Chapel and Tomb of St. Francis Xavier
Chapel and Tomb of St. Francis Xavier is a plain chapel with only one altar and is built of laterite plastered with lime mortar, with tiled roof supported by wooden rafters.

Mass is conducted, and certain "MASS HOURS" have been set. These are:
Weekdays: 07:00 to 08:00 hrs.
Sundays: 08:00 to 09:15 hrs.

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