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Temples in Goa

The temples of Goa date back to over a thousand years. Visiting these temples makes one realise that they have not been touched by commercialization. The history of the earliest known temples in Goa date back to over a thousand years. Commercialisation has not yet overtaken the sanctity of the temples in Goa, as in some other parts of India. The temples have been well maintained and deserve to be visited.

Shri Datta Mandir - Dattawadi
Shri Datta Mandir is located at a distance of 37 kms from Panaji at Dattawadi, Sanquelim, and 40 kms. from Margao, this century old temple of trimurty (Hindu) has a backdrop of a beautiful hillock covered with dense groves of areca palms. The most important festival, which is attended by devotees from all over Goa, is Datta Jayanti that falls in the month of December.

The deity is believed to have cured many people of unsound mind. The entire interior consists of white marble.

Shri Bodeshwar Temple - Mapusa
It is a small shrine dedicated to Kanakeshwar Baba or Bodgeshwar, locally known as Bongini. The god is regarded as agngavani i.e. to whom vows are made and who fulfills desires of the devotees. On the fulfillment of desires, people offer presents to the God as promised by them earlier. A very big fair is held in the month of December/January when thousands of devotees flock to this temple.

Shri Mahalaxmi Temple - Panaji

Shri Mahalaxmi Temple is located at the Altinho foothill of Panaji and was built on contributions made by devotees in 1817. The deity is Goddess Mahalakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth, made of black stone, with four hands and is placed in a silver canopy. This is the peaceful or Satvik form of Devi. According to the Shakti cult (worship of power), Mahalakshmi is the original Goddess who takes forms according to three aspects or gunas viz. Brahma (peaceful, calm form or satva), Vishnu (creative action or rajas) and Shiva (destruction or tamas). The deity originally from Mayem in Bicholim taluka was transferred to the present site.

Shri Damodar, Zambaulim
Shri Damodar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated on the banks of the Kushavati River, which is said to have medicinal properties.
The original temple of this deity was situated in Margao. The deity was transferred to its present location in the year 1567 when the Portuguese brought down the original temple and built the Church of the Holy Spirit in its place.
The main festival celebrated at this temple is Holi. Loads of devotees from all over Goa join in the celebrations. This colourful event is celebrated with pomp and gaiety for several days.

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