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Colve Beach

Colva is on the northern end of this long, continuous strip of coastline. It is located just 6 km away from the city of Margao. It's broad and beautiful, has a stream coursing through it and is backed by palms. Sadly, its beauty has made it popular and its popularity has cheapened it: its off-beach shops and restaurants, brightly lit and crowded, give it the feel of a funfair rather than a serene, unwinding beach. This is essentially our domestic tourists' paddling beach.

Colva is quite a crowded beach. And, to ones surprise a majority of the crowd consists of locals. Though scenically this isn't one the best beaches, it does have a lot of good restaurants. There are a variety of hotels along this beach that suit almost every budget.

Our Lady Of Mercy church is on the way to Colva. It is a simple church but it has an interesting history attached to it. This magnificent church was built in 1630 and erected into parochial church by Bishop Governor by despatch of 28.05.1635. Child Jesus or Infant Jesus (Menino Jesus) is venerated in this church with special devotion.

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