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Goa Sightseeing Tours

Goa has a number of churches, ancient temples wooden carvings, running brooks and lakes nestling on hillsides, mysterious forts and many more. Its well-preserved cultural heritage has remained unaffected by modernization, giving Goa its distinctive character.

Beaches of Goa
Variety is the spice of life and the essence of Goan beaches. The 131 km long coastal belt of Goa has an array of beaches to choose from.

Churches of Goa
Goa, Jewel of India, is studded with a number of churches that remain as silent but forceful witnesses to the intense religious history of the land. The churches in Goa largely reflect European architectural styles. Majority of the churches in Goa were built during the Portuguese regime.

Forts in Goa
With a history that speaks of several rulers, it is little wonder that one finds forts in Goa. Though limited in number, these forts are full of adventure.

Lakes & Waterfalls in Goa
There are quite a few lakes in the interior regions of Goa, away from the coast. A very calm and soothing getaway from the crowds.

Temples in Goa
The history of the earliest known temples in Goa date back to over a thousand years. Commercialisation has not yet overtaken the sanctity of the temples in Goa, as in some other parts of India. The temples have been well maintained and deserve to be visited.

Wildlife Preserves
Deforestation and extinction of certain species of animals are becoming serious issues. The wildlife sanctuaries in Goa are doing their best to preserve the wealth of the flora and fauna that they have. Move away from the concrete jungle and come and spend some time in the natural jungles of Goa.

History & Culture of Goa
Goa was a part of the Mauryan Empire, around third century BC. The Satvahanas of Kolhapur, and the Chalukyas of Badami, took over the governance later. Other dynasties followed...

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