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The fascinating tradition of yoga and meditation are a part of the special spiritual sciences developed by the ancient Indian civilization.

Yoga & Meditation in India

Today's fast paced life has become so hectic and cumbersome that one can get completely entangled in a complex world of deadlines, business meetings, and unending number crunching and so on. This high pressure lifestyle though might have brought lot of monetary gain in ones life but it has driven away peace and tranquility. Today, when cases of hypertension and other stress related problems are on an unprecedented high world is looking at India because it is the spiritual science of yoga and meditation that one can find true solace from all these problems. This vacation, take the spiritual journey, visit various rejuvenating yoga and meditation centers located across India to attain harmonious as well as precious equilibrium of life.

Yoga in India
The ancient techniques of yoga are a beautiful combination of ancient Indian science and healthy art of living. The literal meaning of yoga stands for union. Yoga constitutes of various breathing techniques and physical postures, which are called asanas in ancient Sanskrit language. Each of the asanas is designed to increase and balance out various functions of human body and mind. Unlike other forms of physical exercises like aerobics and weight training etc. the sole purpose of yoga is not to build muscular strength or physical stamina these are just it's by products. The true aim of yoga is to promote the sense of wellbeing of mind as well as body. To unite one's body and mind in a harmonious balance, just like nature intended the humans to be. Yoga is not at all difficult to learn and practice, just a few minutes everyday is enough to build a path towards a better life. Yoga cultivates discipline in diet, posture and lifestyle, which makes one aware of not just their surrounding but inner self as well. Yoga gradually becomes part of ones life and going through its various asanas helps one win over physical as well as mental ailments.

Meditation in India
Meditation is one of the most deeply rooted practices in every religion throughout the world. Ways and methods of meditation can be different in various cultures and religions but its main aim remains to attain balance in person's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. In today's hurried and worried circumstances, a large number of medical experts are recommending meditation as part of the alternative therapy to help people in coping with various high-pressure situations. Meditation has been used as a healing technique in India since time immemorial. Meditation has been found deeply effective in improving a patient's condition by promoting wholesome healing, shown by various researches conducted on it throughout the world. Meditation is a significant part of yoga and is not just a curative technique but also a preventive measure for those who are in prime of their health and is known to improve concentration levels in children as well as adults. Some of the best and most known yoga and meditation centers of India located in tranquil and pristine state of Kerala, ethereal land of Bihar, sacred city of Rishikesh, located on the banks of the divine River Ganges.

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