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Adventure in Ladakh

The thrill, the excitement and the adrenaline rush makes an adventurer addict of taking up new challenges and to test one's limit. Adventure sport lovers are always on a look out for a yet new destination, yet new challenge and yet another adrenaline rush. Ladakh with its barren and rocky highlands, steep slopes and frozen landscape is just the right place for such adventurers with ample of opportunities of new explorations and new trials.

Mountain Climbing, LadakhMountain Climbing in Ladakh
Due to the severe cold and heavy snowfall that Ladakh faces during the winters, the ideal time for mountain climbing restricts itself from June to September. Nun-Kun Massif of the Great Himalayas figures on the top-notch list of the tourists because of its easy accessibility (via Kargil-Pudum road) to the base camps.

Cycling in LadakhCycling in Ladakh
Alertness, activity and accuracy are the virtues of a cyclist as he/she rests his/her weight on the saddle and wheel through the rough and zigzagged roads of Ladakh. Ladakh provides wonderful opportunities for a cycling enthusiast who dreams of cycling through the highest mountain range in the world.

Jeep Safari, LadakhJeep Safari in Ladakh
Jeep safari is the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way to explore Ladakh that can cover the most notable and exciting places in one tour and also presents an opportunity to interact with the Ladakhi people. Though the roads are rough, exploring the remote regions of Ladakh on jeep is one of the most popular adventure activities of Ladakh because of the panoramic surroundings and pretty landscapes that can enchant nature lovers with their picture-perfect beauty.

Camel Safaris, LadakhCamel Safari in Ladakh
The 'Ship of desert' camel is certainly not confined to the desert of the plains and Rajasthan but is also one of the chief modes of transportation in the cold deserts of Ladakh since the ancient times. Mostly available from July to September, camel safaris are one of the most memorable experiences as one gets used to the rolling and wobbly movements of the camel while exploring rugged mountain terrains and enjoy the ride through some of the most ancient passes and have first hand experience of the lifestyle of the remote villages of Nubra Valley.

Yak Safaris, LadakhYak Safari in Ladakh
Yak is one of the local inhabitants of this cold desert and the largest animal found here too. According to the Russian naturalist, N. M. Przewalski, the wild yak belongs to the family of oxen and is very dangerous much unlike its brothers who are domesticated. Weighing about a ton, Yaks have curved horns and long black hair, tinged with gray at the muzzle.

Trekking, LadakhTrekking in Ladakh
Trekking is one of the most pleasurable as well as the challenging activities of the highlands of Ladakh and needs experience. One may hire horses and ponies to ride as well as tents and other camping gear. However, a good pair of trekking boots, warm socks, warm and waterproof clothes, sun glasses and hats, warm sleeping bags and first aid kit will leave you with little to want and well prepared for any difficulties that you may have to face while on your trekking tour.

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