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Yak Safari in Ladakh

Yak Safaris - LadakhYak is one of the local inhabitants of this cold desert and the largest animal found here too. According to the Russian naturalist, N. M. Przewalski, the wild yak belongs to the family of oxen and is very dangerous much unlike its brothers who are domesticated. Weighing about a ton, Yaks have curved horns and long black hair, tinged with gray at the muzzle. In the summers they remain confined to the areas above 6,000m in height but one can see them around lakes, marshes and lower valleys in herds in winters. Its shaggy coat is highly insulated and is immensely useful in the severe cold conditions in which the Yaks have to survive.

Yak Safari is thus unique to Ladakh and certainly an experience that can hardly be found elsewhere. As one rides the soft back of this large animal and explores Ladakh, one gets to see some of the most terrific views of the shimmering lakes and the glacial valleys. The gurgling streams, the stunning cascades, highest snow peaks, meadows and forests are some of the main attractions of this rugged land. Yak Safari is available mostly through prior booking. However, one should take care not to challenge the humbleness of this magnificent animal as once challenged, it may forget its meek hospitality and assume the great strength it has.

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