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Suru Valley Ladakh

Suru Valley - LadakhAbout 3000 m high, Suru valley has very harsh winters with frequent and heavy snowfalls ranging from mid-November to May, enwrapping it in thick layers of snow. Suru River rising from the Panzella glacier flows through it. Many tributaries join it on its way including two mighty rivers such as Dras River and Indus River. Despite being rugged and mountainous, Suru Valley is relatively more fertile than other regions of Ladakh. Hence, agriculture is the chief occupation of the people here. The chief crops here are wheat, barley and millets along with turnip, radish, peas, grapes, apricots and melons. It is also a source of the grape-liquor.

Most of the Kargil district lies in the Suru Valley. It consists of about 30,000 people having Tibeti-Darad descent (Muslims who converted to Buddhism in the mid-16th century). The majestic views offered by the upper valley encompassing the famous Sankoo bowl and the Panikhar expense consists of stately snow-covered mountains, rising and falling alpine slopes, clear sparkling waterfalls, shimmering glaciers and crops surrounding the houses in the nearby villages. The towering peaks of Kun and Nun add to the beauty of the region with their sheer heights and crystal like shimmering.

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