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Mahabalipuram beach in Tamilnadu offers lots of adventure and excitement.

Mahabalipuram Beach

Beach, MahabalipuramThe port city of Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram, was once a port city of the Pallavas on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. It is home to exotic monuments belonging to the times of Pallavas including Sculptural Panels, Caves, Monolithic Rathas or Chariots and Temples. However, it is the beach that gives the city its true beauty. The stone marvels can be compared to the dressing of an already delicious preparation. The robust earthly beauty full of life, the monumental splendors and the sunny beach resorts along with a crocodile farm, snake venom extracting centre and art and sculpture schools make it one of the most interesting and desirable tourist destinations. Mamallapuram beach is more known for its bas-reliefs and shore and cave temples than its sands and sea waves. Wile on the way to the beach, one should certainly visit the Dakshinachitra, a heritage centre that shows traditional craftsmen and folk artists hard at work giving performances and recreating the scenes of 19th century Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Shore Temple is surely the highlight of the beach. One of the oldest temples in south India dating back to early 8th century, it is built in Dravidian temple architectural style. Besides these, there is world's largest bas-relief known as Arjuna's measuring 27m x 9m, which looks like a huge whale-back ornamented with figures of gods and demigods, men, beasts and birds. Five Rathas or Chariots also known as the 'Pancha Pandava Rathas' are five monolithic temples, each built in its own unique style. Four of these Chariot temples are said to be made from a single rock formation. Last but not the least, Tiger's Cave is an open-air theatre of Mamallapuram situated on the seaside lending it an aura of peace. Cultural programmes are regularly held here.

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