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Kavadi is a popular festival of Tamil Nadu. Read more on the Kavadi festival of Tamilnadu.

Kavadi Festival

Kavadi Festival, ChennaiThe festival dedicated to Lord Muruga (a form of Lord Shiva), 'Kavadi' is much more than fulfilling the vow to the Lord in exchange of some wish-fulfillment, it is one of the most awesome festivals of India that makes one wonder whether there is more to the world than one can sense through one's sense organs. The vows range from simpler ones to the painful ones, which are claimed to be the result of the supreme love for God. It is said that once the worldly wish is fulfilled, the devotee takes the Kavadi and in the process comes so close to God that he attains the supreme state of devotion. 'Kavadi' is actually a wooden stick with two baskets at each end that can be slung across the shoulder and is usually richly decorated with flowers, peacock feathers and even jewels and especially, brass bells that serve to announce the presence of the Kavadi-bearer nearby. During the Kavadi procession, Kavadi bearer has to follow many rules such as observing silence all the way. The two baskets hanging at either end of the Kavadi are filled with rice, milk and other such articles that have to be collected by begging.

Some of the bearers walk barefooted from their homes to the shrine of Lord Muruga after elaborate ceremonies. The bearer has to wear 'Pandaram', which consists of a saffron-colored cloth, a scarlet conical cap and a silver-capped cane silver-capped at both ends along with several 'Rudraksha Malas' (rosaries) to cover his bare chest. They observe celibacy and abstain from intoxicating drinks and substances and partake of 'Satwik' food, which is strictly vegetarian and has no oil or spices. However, the scene that strikes terror in the hearts is seeing devotees that pass a sharp little spear through their tongue that protrudes out of their mouth or a spear through their cheeks. They are said to be in a high state of religious fervor and can be seen dancing in ecstasy even through the live burning coals! Kavadi is carried all the way up to Palani hills. The Ettukudi Kavadi Festival is celebrated during the months of April or May.

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