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In this section we tell you about Indian clothing, what to wear and how to dress up in India.

What to Wear in India

If you are traveling to India, carry minimal clothing. We will suggest you to carry light luggage. The reason is that both clothing as well as laundry is quite cheap in India. "How to dress up in India" is not a very big problem. Read on to know about the clothes to wear in India.

Indian summers are too hot. So, if you are planning to come in the period of March to June, carry light clothes. Men can wear loose cotton shirts or T-shirts and baggy Pants. In the big cities and Metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Pune, etc you can wear shorts also. However, women should dress conservatively. Short tops, short skirts / shorts, etc should be avoided. You can wear cotton shirts or T-shirts, with cotton trousers or ankle length skirts. Make sure that the clothes are not too tight or body revealing. These clothes can be easily purchased from the Indian markets at a reasonable price. If you want to try Indian clothing, then, men can wear "kurta pyjama" and women can try "salwar-kameez".

Winters (October to February) in India are quite cold, especially North India. So, pack some woolen clothes with you. Also, pack some warm innerwear, especially if you are planning to roam around too much. During Monsoon (July to September), there is a high level of humidity in India. So don't wear synthetic stuff. In this case also, cotton clothing is the best.

Last but not the least, while visiting places of worship (temples, gurudwara or mausoleum), you should be fully clothed. Also, don't forget to remove your footwear before entering any religious place.

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