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This write up mentions some food precautions for travelers to India.

Food Precautions for India

The food you eat, how it's cooked, stored and served is very important. Make it a rule to stick to freshly cooked food, made in clean and hygienic place. Here are some food precautions for India that need to be taken by you:
  • The safest thing to eat is freshly cooked food. Food left sitting may attract flies and cause major health hazards.
  • Salads and cut fresh fruits should be strictly avoided. Eat only unpeeled fruits.
  • Avoid fresh fruit juice. If you want to have juice, go in for branded ones being sold in tetra packs.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian, buy from decent shops. It is better not to eat from lower end restaurants or station platforms.
  • Never ever eat anything from the roadside vendors. There are high chances of the food being contaminated.

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