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To know about the various types of Indian Visas and the guidelines for a visa for India, read this article.

Indian Visa

To get a visa for India, you need to submit a number of documents. Following is a list of important documents for Indian visa:
  • Visa application form.
  • Passport, having a minimum validity of six months on the date of application.
  • Two identical passport sized photographs, black and white or colored.
  • Supporting documents, depending upon the type of visa.
  • Visa fee.
There are a number of Indian visa types, suitable for different purposes of travel. Given below are the different types of Indian visas:

Tourist Visa:
If you are coming to India on a holiday to explore the country, then, tourist visa is for you.

Business Visa:
For a business related trip, you need to apply for the business visa.

Student Visa:
For study purpose in India is the student visa.

Transit Visa:
It is meant for transit passengers only, to enable them to travel through India to reach the ultimate destination. .

Missionaries Visa:
This visa is for people coming to India to act as missionaries.

Employment Visa:
Meant for skilled professionals or those people who have been appointed by Indian companies, organizations, firms, etc.

Journalist Visa:
Professional journalists and photographers visiting India should apply for the Journalist visa.

Conference Visa:
It is issued for attending conferences/seminars/meetings in India.

Research Visa:
For research purposes, a research visa is issued.

Entry Visa:
It is given only to persons of Indian origin or the family members of a person employed in India.

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