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Here are some rules to follow to ensure traffic safety in India, along with the road conditions in India.

India Traffic Rules

There are some Indian traffic rules you need to follow while in India. Given below is a list of some guidelines for ensuring traffic safety in India:
  • Indian government recognizes the International Driver's License (IDL). However, renting a car without a driver is not quite common in India. And even the expenses of hiring a car without a driver are similar to those with a driver. Also, it is safer to rent a car with a professional driver.
  • If you are planning to stay in India for a long time and have a valid driver's license (not necessarily an IDL) issued by any competent authority in your country, then getting a driver license in India is no big problem. You can apply for a local license for driving a car or motorcycle. You will have to give a written examination for the same. However, the actual driving part of the test may be done away with (sometimes).
  • If your International Driver's License (IDL) has expired, you can easily get a local driving license in India by submitting your expired license, along with a letter of introduction from your country's Embassy.
  • If by any chance, you get involved in an automobile accident, wait until the police arrive and make a report. However, if a crowd gathers and appears hostile, immediately leave the place and go to the nearest police station to file an accident report.
  • If you are driving or riding pillion on a two-wheeler in India, don't forget to wear a helmet.
  • Frequent use of horns is very common and in fact, customary in India.
  • Traffic in India moves on the left side. So, be extra cautious while crossing the road, especially if your country follows right side driving.
As far as the Indian road conditions go, apart from the big cities, the roads are poorly maintained. You will hardly find Indian roads free of traffic. Congestion on roads is a normal phenomenon. In the big cities, you may also encounter frequent traffic jams. You may also come across livestock roaming freely on the roads in small cities. So, don't feel surprised. Let an Indian driver drive you around and you will enjoy roaming around in India.

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