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In this article we will give some information on tipping in India and how to give tips in India.

Tipping in India

Tipping in India is a common practice. Read on to know "how to give tips in India":

There are basically two types of tips. In the first case, the tip is paid after the work is completed. In the second case, tip is given beforehand to ensure a good service. In hotels, porters and room service attendants are generally tipped at the end of the stay. However, the amount of tip varies depending on the type of services rendered and the type of establishment.

In restaurants, the tip to waiters is around 10-15 percent of the bill. In cases of restaurants of famous and prestigious hotels, generally a 10 percent service surcharge is added to the bill. Tipping at such a place is discretionary. In smaller places, the tip is not a percentage of the bill. Rather, few rupees are given as a tip, depending on the quality of service.

Tipping taxi and three-wheeler a driver is not too common. It is up to your discretion. However if you want to give tip, then, 10 percent of the fare or leaving the change is enough. If you are hiring a car throughout your stay, then, tip the driver Rs. 50-100 per day, depending on the distance traveled. At railway stations, pay the porters around Rs. 5-10 per bag. But, make sure to set the rate beforehand. If you stay at somebody's house, ask your host before giving tips to his/her domestic help.

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