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Here are some safety guidelines, precautions & tips for you to follow, while traveling to/in India

Safety Guidelines for India

Some safety guidelines for India are suggested here, so that you don't face any avoidable problem. Read on to know about the guidelines for traveling in India:
  • Find out about the infectious diseases endemic in India and countries to which you will be traveling, and get the appropriate shots and pills, and take the appropriate medications with you if your doctor thinks it's necessary.
  • You should be aware of the local laws and customs prevailing in India. This will help in making your trip hassle free.
  • It is better to keep your contacts at home and in India well informed of your whereabouts and activities. Also, keep copies of your important travel documents with them for any unforeseeable in the future.
  • Don't keep your wallet in the rear pocket. Keep it in an inside jacket pocket or side trouser pocket.
  • All valuables and important papers (jewelry, passports, return tickets, etc) should be kept in your hotel's safe deposit box. Never leave them unattended in your room. Avoid carrying large sums of cash on your person.
  • If any unexpected or unknown person comes to your hotel room, exercise caution. It is better not to open the door to unsolicited room service or maintenance people. In case of any suspicion, call the reception or the front desk of the hotel.
  • Don't hand over your luggage to any person other than a member of the hotel's bell staff. Make sure to collect a receipt for stored luggage. Never leave your luggage or other expensive items, unattended at airports, bus stands, taxi stands or railway stations.
  • Don't take the advice of taxi drivers for the purpose of accommodation.
  • If you have a meeting with a potential client or any other unknown individual, it is better to meet in a public place, like a restaurant.
  • Don't use short cuts, narrow alleys or poorly lit streets. Avoid traveling alone at night.
  • Avoid conversing or arguing in loud tones. Never ever discuss your travel plans or any other personal matter with strangers.

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