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There are a number of forms, modes and means of communication for you while in India.

Modes of Communication in India

Communicating while in India is no problem. There are various modes of communication in India. There is an availability of all the modern communication forms in India. Read on to know about communications in India.

Public Phone Booths (PCOs)
One of the main modes of communication in India are the Public phone booths. They are generally known as PCOs in India. They provide the facility for local (within the city) calls, STD (Inter - State) calls, ISD (International) calls. Even Fax facility is available. You will find these PCOs in every nook and corner.

Mobile (Cell) Phones
Another way to communicate in India is through Mobile or Cell phones. If you have a mobile phone with the tri-band technology, you can easily use it here. You don't need to use the service provider of your own country. There are a number of service providers in India to keep you connected. You can buy a prepaid sim card from any service provider. You only need to make payment for it and give a photocopy of your any Identity proof (like your passport). Get it recharged and enjoy free mobility.

Cyber Cafes
Looking for an inexpensive and fast communication, you can use the services of cyber cafes in India. These cyber cafes provide all the Internet facilities like e-mail, chatting, voice chat, etc. You can easily locate them, as they are present in quite a large number.

Postal Services
Last, but not the least, you can even use postal services as a means of communication in India. You can make use of postcards, letters, etc. For faster communication, use telegrams, speed post and courier services.

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