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If you are traveling to India, you should know about the various local modes of Indian transportation.

Local Transportation in India

The transport system in India is large and extensive. Millions of people of India use the large network of railways and roadways in India. Even the local transportation in India is very developed. To know fully about the local modes of transport in India, read the following paragraphs:

The cheapest mode of local transport in India is the buses. You will find almost every city having a well-developed system of buses. The government of India is even people to use this local transport. This will go a long way in reducing pollution generated by the large number of private vehicles on the road.

Another mode of transportation is taxis. However, the taxis are a little bit on the expensive side. In some of the cities in India, the concept of radio taxis has been introduced. Apart from that, you can always hire the local taxis plying on the road. Make sure that the taxi-driver goes by the meter. In case you have any problem with the taxi-driver, immediately lodge a complaint with the traffic police.

An autorickshaw is also called auto or rickshaw or tempo. It is a three-wheeler vehicle having no doors and no seatbelts. They are generally yellow or green in color and have a black canopy on the top. In the front, is a small compartment for the driver and in the backside is the seating space for three. If you hire an auto, try to go by the meter. If not possible, then fix the fare in advance and do some bargaining also.

Cycle Rickshaws
Cycle rickshaws are a very common means of transportation in India. It is like a bigger tricycle in which two people can sit on an elevated seat at the back. The driver will pedal from the front portion. It is a quite cheap mode, especially for traveling short distances. However, fix the fare in advance and bargain a little.

A fast and cheap mode of transportation in India is the Metro. However, the whole of India has not been connected with Metro. Metro rail was first introduced in India in the city of Kolkata (previously Calcutta). Presently, along with Kolkata, Metro is running in Delhi also. A metro system in Mumbai is under construction. Also proposed is a Metro system in Noida and Gurgaon.

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