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This article will provide you some information and tips for handling tourist guides in India.

Tourist Guides in India

If you are coming to India as a tourist, with lots of sightseeing in your itinerary, then you will find these tips for handling Indian guides quite useful. Hiring tourist guides in India is a very good idea, especially when you are traveling on your own, with no local person to help you. They will help you understand and appreciate better the place you are visiting. Read on for further tips for handling guides:
  • While visiting religious places, hire guides very cautiously. They may take you to unnecessary places and crooks posing as Sadhus or Yogis to extract money out of you. Stick to the places you know and let the guide lead you.
  • Fix the amount to be given to the guide in advance only. Apart from the fixed amount, you can also give some extra tip to the guide if he has provided you with good services.
  • Hire guides authorized by the Indian government as far as possible. Try to avoid private guides. They may try to fleece you.

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