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This write up mentions some water precautions for you to take while traveling in India

Drinking Water Safety for Traveling in India

There is no big problem of clean drinking water in India. However, you need to take certain precautions to ensure that you are drinking clean and pure water. Some of these water precautions for India are listed below:
  • These days bottled (mineral) water is available almost everywhere. However, sometimes, cheap fake bottled water is also given. To avoid this, make sure to check that that the seal of the bottle is intact. Also, see if there is anything floating in it before buying.
  • Even when you are visiting restaurants or hotels, insist on bottled (mineral) water. You will not face much trouble as almost all the restaurants and hotels keep bottled water.
  • Never ever drink water from roadside vendors selling water pumped up from the vend's tank. That water is not at all safe.
  • You may also come across water being sold in polythene bags. Don't drink it at all. Even this water is not safe.
  • If you are staying at someone's place, don't drink the tap water. If they have aquagaurds or RO systems or other purifiers, then it's ok. Otherwise, insist on either boiled or bottled (mineral) water.

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