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Here is a write up about Indians, the people of India.

People of India

Indian people are taught from their child hood to respect their elders. They are also very much attached to their family, not only their immediate family, but, all the near and dear ones. People of India are very hospitable. They welcome guests with an open heart. The phrase "Atithi Devo Bhava" is ingrained in them. So, the maximum chances are that you will have a very enjoyable time with the Indian people. Read on to know more about Indians:

India is probably the only country with the most diverse mix of races. People belonging to different religions, communities, casts and beliefs live in India, peacefully and in harmony. India is an amalgamation of the five major racial types. The five racial types, finding representation in India are:
  • Australoid
  • Mongoloid
  • Europoid
  • Caucasian
  • Negroid
To find the exact origin of the Indian People is a task next to impossible. A number of ethnic groups exist among the people of India. The 6 main ethnic groups are as follows.
  • Negrito
  • Proto
  • Australoids or Austrics
  • Mongoloids
  • Mediterranean or Dravidian
  • Western Brachycephals
  • Nordic Aryans

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