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Check out the Nagaur cattle fair of Rajasthan, which is a very popular fair in India. Read about Nagaur fair of Rajasthan.

Nagaur Fair

Nagaur Fair RajasthanLocation: Nagaur, Rajasthan
Highlight: Biggest chilly market in India
Best Time to Visit: October to March
How to Reach: The nearest airport is at Jodhpur at a distance of 138 kilometers. Nagaur has its own railway station and trains from all major cities like Jaipur and Kolkata stop over here. Nagaur is also connected to all nearby places by a wide network of roads.

One of the largest cattle fair of India, the Nagaur Fair of Rajasthan is a major event in Rajasthan. The Nagaur Cattle fair of Rajasthan is held once in a year between January and February. The small town of Nagaur comes alive with bustling activities and people who come here in massive numbers to take part in trading of livestock. The livestock includes not just cows but also, camels, goats and sheep. They are decorated beautifully by their owners who look absolutely dramatic dressed in their colorful attires. Read on to know more about Nagaur cattle fair of Rajasthan.

The lively activities of the Nagaur fair are held for eight long days in the month of Magha according the Hindu calendar. The fair grounds are filled with people and cattle from all over Rajasthan and nearby states. The various activities that are organized are worth watching like bullfights, cockfights, races, etc. The presence of musicians and dancers makes this event a very lively and enjoyable one. Other interesting events are horse races, tug-of-war, handicrafts and jewellery sale and exhibitions of leather and iron accessories.

The one event that attracts numerous people is the Mirchi Bazaar or the Chilly Market. It is the largest chilly market of India and one can see carpets of dried red chillies here and there. The camels and cattle traded over here are known for their fitness and fetch high prices. One can see some of the most handsome thoroughbred horses over here Tourists can have a wonderful time over here and go back with colorful memories of their visit to Rajasthan.

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