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To know about the climatic conditions of Rajasthan, read about Rajasthan weather and climate.

Rajasthan Weather

Rajasthan  WeatherRajasthan is one of the hottest states of India. In Rajasthan, climatic conditions vary throughout the year. Rajasthan weather is usually hot and dry, yet one can see four distinct seasons in this state. These can be classified as Summers, Monsoons, Autumn (Post-monsoon) and Winters. Given here is information on each of these seasons in Rajasthan, which shall help you decide when to travel here. Each season has its own charm and you shall have fun irrespective of the season you travel to Rajasthan. Read about Rajasthan weather and climate.

Summer months in Rajasthan extend from April to June. Summers are the hottest season in Rajasthan. The day temperature varies between 32o Celsius to 45o Celsius. Sometimes temperatures may rise upto 48o Celsius during afternoons. Though it is a rarity, it is not totally impossible! However, there is much variation in the diurnal range of temperature in Rajasthan. Though day temperatures can melt your bones, they tend to fall considerably at night. The only relief from the hot season is to escape to the only high altitude place in Rajasthan, Mount Abu.

The monsoons in Rajasthan extend from July to September. Rajasthan receives almost 90% of its annual rainfall during this time. The temperatures can vary from 30o Celsius to 40o Celsius. The maximum humidity in Rajasthan is during monsoon. The state receives an average of 100 - 165 mm of rainfall during this time.

Autumn (Post-Monsoons)
The post monsoon season in Rajasthan extends from October to November. The temperature ranges from 33o Celsius to 38o Celsius. There is wide difference between day and night temperature. It starts to get more and more chillier.

The winter season in Rajasthan is from December to March. January is the coldest month of this season. The average temperature usually ranges from 10o Celsius to 25o Celsius. There is considerable difference between night and day temperatures.

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